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Matching people to positions and expertise to expectations is what we do well, and what we promote as our core offer here at Hanson Grey. With the right systems in place for business development, and full access to our client-facing and person-centred team, we work with our clients to make the best possible matches to ensure ongoing productivity, progression and potential, rather than mere stop-gaps, short-term fixes or stand-in solutions.

Our premise is simple – we match the right people to the right roles to ensure that once an appointment is made, the development and benefits to your business are felt instantly and, more importantly, observed in the longer term.

Hanson Grey. Our partnership is your growth.

Our Values


We love what we do here at Hanson Grey, and this is because we are genuinely passionate about people. If you love what you do, you’re far more likely to be good at what you do too, and this is great news for our clients, as well as for us. Our true passion in an industry that can often offer up mixed feelings, is all about providing great service in a world where people deserve to have their expectations exceeded, not just met.


One visit to our website, one call to our offices, one meeting with any member of our team…. do any of these things and you’ll see that we’re definitely not ones to favour outcome over process when it comes to doing business at Hanson Grey. We are people, and if integrity is missing in an industry that is based on, well, people, then we’re in the wrong job!


Ticking boxes, going for short-term ‘wins’, sealing deals… all of these things lack respect for clients and candidates alike. We respect all of our people here at Hanson Grey, and believe that wasted time is a wasted resource. Not a great look on a human resources centred organisation, now is it?


At Hanson Grey, we’re not about faceless communication. We’re about smiles, warmth and a genuine human connection. You work hard, and so in appointing a recruitment partner to help you with your human resources and business development, it’s important you can enjoy the process and engage in service with a smile along the way. In recruitment, you’re getting a new team member, and this should be exciting, not excruciating!

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Hannah Ahmed

Co- Founder & Director

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