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After an intensive decade in business, I’m delighted to finally present my own venture in the form of Hanson Grey; an ambition I’ve focussed on building towards throughout my career.

During that time, I’ve absolutely lived for the phrase, “Hannah, this isn’t going to work”. I’ll just clarify that I mean this in a wholly professional context (nobody wants to hear this from their other half). I thrive on the challenge of reducing spend, competing for growth, and implementing the projects that are seen as too risky, too out-there, or too much like hard work. This outlook made me very successful at Day Webster, a specialist recruitment company that started life specialising in the Nursing and AHP/HSS sector, where in a senior Business Development role, I worked towards successes including:

  • Implementation of a Managed Services Division – from pitch to profit.
  • Demonstration of organisational growth of 220% within a 12-month period.
  • Acceptance of the Rising Star Award in the category of Best New Recruiter.
  • Top 5 ranking within The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 for private companies with the fastest growing sales.

Prior to such success, I’ve also worked within the financial sector and the NHS, where I’ve enjoyed working with people and possibilities as well as facts and figures. In those roles, I shaped my belief that business and sales could – and should – be led via a focus on person-centred relationships.

Whilst I’m proud to be leading my very own team here at Hanson Grey, my style is very much to lead by example. This means that you’ll always find me on the shop floor with our team, our workload, and our clients – Monday to Friday. Come Saturday morning, however, I’m at home cleaning my house, and I actually love looking forward to that part of my week. I do make an attempt to switch off, though, usually by switching on to a boxset. My all-time favourite is Grey’s Anatomy, and that’s actually where the ‘Grey’ in Hanson Grey came from. I honestly wish I could tell you the branding was more professionally significant than that, but that’s just how I work!

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