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The last two decades for me have been split equally between HR and Recruitment, meaning that becoming a Director at Hanson Grey is a joy for me in combining these specialisms.

I hope nobody will judge me when I say I started my early career as a Tax Collector, although I quickly moved across to working in a HR role at HMInland Revenue on a local level within London.

After taking maternity leave with my second son in 2007, my return to work meant either a relocation to an office outside of London, or a severance package. I chose the latter and looked forward to more time with my family and figuring out my next move.

When I re-joined the workforce, I took on many in-house interim roles within NHS Trusts and Councils, in order to broaden my experiences at both operational and strategic levels. Roles included an HR post within Hertfordshire Constabulary, and a role operating within West London Mental Health Trust – a two-week placement that was still going strong almost 3 years later! It was in that role, around 2010, that I was encouraged to move into Recruitment, and it was just the challenge I’d wanted.

As LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool for anyone in the recruitment industry, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with lots of fantastic professionals. In 2018, the network saw me meet up with our very own Hannah; now a fellow Director at Hanson Grey. We hit it off immediately, and I was very taken with her enthusiasm, motivation and drive. When she said she wanted to set up her own agency, I said “why not?!”

So, whilst I continued to work in interim roles in HR/Recruitment, I worked in the background to support Hannah as we went about setting up the agency that would become Hanson Grey.

On that note, don’t believe that it was her idea for the name. It was definitely mine – it was my boxset!

My joy in my work has always centred on the customer and client experience of industry and, therefore, the candidate experience of Hanson Grey is a key driver in all I do within our business. I look forward to seeing how this will grow.

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