What our clients say about us

Just wanted to say you and your company HG are stars as far as looking after me in the job market. You are a star for getting me shifts even as short nortice. Really appreciate your effort on my behalf. Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the warm welcoming I received from you, your boss and other teams there. I have enjoyed registering and now enjoying working with you. I look forward to seeing all of you again.


I have loved joining with you guys. I was worried to with start a new agency as I have been with the previous one for so long. Registration was good and my consultant is always there to help.


Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone. Since joining you and leaving my full time position you have not let me down.

A&E Nurse

I worked with an agency once before but stopped from all the bad experiences. You have made it easy for me to enjoy agency work now.

Thank you to you and your team.


Thank you so much to HG Group for your support in registering me with your agency, you made it look so simple.